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5 Things have changed in the Watch Dogs 2 of Part 1


The new part of the game Watch Dogs 2 on doors now and will be released mid-November, trying to correct everything that complained to the players in the first part and improve it also considers many as Assassin's Creed 2 for the series Assassin's Creed when corrected chain path and went off the creations of game developers to move it to another level altogether, so there is a great hope for the game of everyone and waiting to be the grand chapter of the series.

We will review your five elements mainly been developed in Watch Dogs 2 and will reflect on the state of development in the series for the first part of the game and led by a new in terms of gameplay and an internal reorganization system.

  1. collective team are the secret of the second part of Watch Dogs series where we had a personal Aiden Pierce prefer a lonely work something what we see in the character of Batman, which favors a single work without any confidence in any one around him was scared the whole time of treason at home as well as no one wants to get involved in its own problems, all that is happening in the world own thing and there is no need to play to his work.
Personal new game Cooperation Marcus Holloway with a full team of Hackres within the framework of the Organization DEDSEC this time will be a part of this organization, which has become a state within a state and have a Fans now in the street and the fact that your actions in the game will Won you the public will have you tuned into the game on Social Media interact with your heroism in the game.
To return to the team he helps in planning and thinking and to look for ways to end the mission as well as giving you the solutions and assistance during missions.

  2. The online experience will differ entirely this time in Watch Dogs 2 Instead of too timid in the first part, which pattern was limited to attempts to enter into the world of others and Hack him in Game Statistics hide and seek this, but here it will be the players in the big confrontations chance to get a prize when it destroys more than needed someone to intimidation you will enter and when they are not able to do so will enter another person, and so on up to three other people in front of you intimidation you map to try and stop you from vandalism.
Also cooperative style in the end is the other tasks would be great people around you can find a map and an end to any task with one another, as for example, the command is in the game The Division for the same company Ubisoft, which has provided the form of co-operative play in the best picture of him.

  3. large map in this part is being compared to the first part as twice the size, at least with a great diversity in the areas along the San Francisco area in the center, which focuses on trade and shops large, or even Silicon Valley, which includes the largest technology companies.
Also been famous system to remove the games Ubisoft, which views which you have discovered and activated to open this area for you to play out and see Missions, this part will save you a map completely without any limitations from the first moment to wander around and play on the opposite of what we know about Ubisoft and its well-known that we can games this system are like what we saw in The Division, in which you see the map and missions from the first moment you just directly accessed if your level allows.

  4. mini-games that we have seen in the first part of the game VR for example the spider mission or automated tasks such third parties are subject to the basic system, the game will not be present, but we're going to have a lot of different things to indemnify us here and increase the life of the game.

  5. general atmosphere in the game will change for the better for more fun, unlike the first part dark, whether you like this as someone who hated the first part or hate him as a person enamored pilgrimage what he saw in the first part of this change will be effective on the atmosphere of the game as a whole.
This effect will drive us to see the game colorful world of more and dialogues themselves in the game will change the tone of your team members, for example, who will deliver jokes and try doing things a comic way too much resembles change the orientation of the game to the style and form of dialogues GTA V, as well as the style of ending the mission will have more than one solution you can end each game missions without killing or termination of the way of anarchism you have options and you have all the tools which will increase this time having a small spiritual Drone, which can, for example, to find out where the enemies and imaging area of the top and figure out the best strategies as you can piracy far you things.
The world around you will change the actions also there will be greater interaction with people virtual in-game, for example, when you stand in place and work on your phone or visualize yourself will look to you people, or if you're dancing in the street and this is possible by the way people will start around you whispering for the same song they occupy or share your dance or encourage you and shouting greetings.
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