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MacBook Pro 13-inch sized device forecasts

According to the source, the most important MacBook Pro device that is to be unveiled soon, which will be the size of 13 inches Specifically, Apple will reveal him Fayalchehr that will carry this new design is somewhat of course, is a device expected by many users.

Apple recently launched a new operating system macOS 10.12.1 is expected to get the first update in the next week, this version of the system carries features are compatible with add-ons that we will see them in the new MacBook Pro, such as secondary OLED screen that will be top of the keyboard, in addition to the sensor footprint, which will be built with the play button and will carry several entrances USB C.

In addition to the MacBook Pro 13-inch Apple may reveal new models of the MacBook Air with a USB-C ports, and possibly a new version iMac, and it is not yet clear whether the company will unveil three devices one time through the conference dedicated to it or a press release or What is the way.

Apple is also working in collaboration with LG on the 5K screens to replace Thunderbolt screens that were referred for retirement, and the announcement of the date of these screens is known, and there is also talk of a significant update to devices Mac Pro and Mac Mini.

Of course, the schedule for the detection of these devices may be changed at the last minute because of modifications that may arise on the company's plans.
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