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Sony announces Camera RX100 Mark V compact, which starts at a price of 1,000 $

Sony has announced the camera RX100 Mark V compact, which starts to market this month, priced at $ 1,000, with the focus of the performance advantage more fast in photography.

A new version of RX100 compact cameras, the cameras offer Sony Mark V, which comes fast autofocus system, also comes Exmor RS sensor size of 1 inch, with a 20.1 mega-pixel accuracy and the extent of 24-70 mm along aperture lenses of f / 1.8 to f / 2.8 that supports zooming, and supports auto-focus cameras fast Hybrid AF system.

The new version of the camera RX100 same design, which was famous by the series of Sony's cameras, with the compact size of the camera supports the user in the storage rapidly in small places, to support the movement quickly, and Sony offers an electronic lens viewfinder stand out from the top of the camera.

Camera also features Mark V with LCD display, with a ring surrounding the lens to control the cameras, one of the specifications that came in the previous versions of RX100 camera.

And Sony offers this version of new features with the best performance of the camera, along with auto focus system has been improved compared to the issuance of last year, featuring new cameras sensor stage for quick sensor to detect the subject, in order to improve the speed and performance of the auto focus to come on the same level of DSLR cameras.
Auto-focus system provided by Sony in camera Mark V number of points up to 315 to support the coverage of 65% in the image sensor, also supports camera RX100 Mark V filming fast 24 frames per second with the highest quality of up to 150 frame thanks to Sony's new processor also supports.

Sony also confirmed that the cameras comes the ability to handle JPEG images or RAW files, also supports camera RX100 Mark V video camera accurately 4K, with a fast track to the topic with the auto-focus feature, as filming 4K in cameras comes precisely 100 mega pixel camera, and supports Sony users videographers access to features such as files, images, along with S-Log2 / S-Gamut, so despite the RX100 Mark V pricing but it is a built-in camera specifications and performance characteristic to support the user.
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