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Samsung shares lost 8% after stopping production Note 7

Said Korean media, "Samsung" has stopped production of the smart phone "Galaxy Note 7" after receiving reports of fires in copies of "safe" from the machine, and the impact that has the company's share of 8%.In a related context, the source said that Samsung Electronics Co. suspended production of Galaxy Note devices 7 after reports of a fire in the new hardware has been replaced by another, after similar incidents in the continuation of the worst crisis facing the giant elect to call the company.

The newspaper reported Yonhap, citing an unnamed source in a "Samsung" partners that the recent decision to halt production of "Galaxy Note 7" temporarily came in cooperation with the authorities in South Korea, China and the United States, also stopped two American companies contacts for switching or new versions of the sale of the phone .

It is believed that the problems that also appeared in a variant of the "Galaxy Note 7 model" will open a new page is likely to be expensive after a global scandal, can damage the reputation of the largest maker of smartphones in the world. Then you can add new risks to consumers.The company did not comment on the stopping production or cause fire broke devices while the source did not say, who asked not to be identified because he was not authorized to speak to the media in court to stop the timing of production and whether it has been determined problems

Samsung said to Reuters that it was investigating the problems with "damage caused by hottest" and that it would take action to resolve any problems in accordance with procedures approved by the US Commission for the safety of consumers.

In the second of September Samsung announced a process to call the 2.5 million device model Note 7 around the world because of a problem in the battery caused the fire in some devices.
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