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Forza Horizon 3 Review And Official Trailer

The Forza Motorsport is the game which attracts professional drivers to the track, the Horizon is a game which attracts all drivers to an open world full of joy and excitement. Horizon toy cars trying to disarm the seriousness of this famous sport, and opened the way for everyone to enjoy, and to stems without restrictions and spend time having fun. But that does not mean that the challenge will be absent, but there is plenty to do, and there are moments of intensity will hit you chilling ferocity. Today we review the third version in this sub-series of the famous name Forza.

This time, the game will take place in Australia, having formerly in America and Europe, and this time the size of the map is twice as much as last time. And it seems that this option had been successful, Australia is a look very impressive in the game, and the diversity of environments always make you in a great curiosity to explore all the roads and directions. Certainly though the game offers real names of places in Australia, but the distance between them takes much less time than take him, in fact, we can say that Australia but Simulated copy rather than a realistic exactly. And the end result is a very beautiful environment and a world of sun-drenched beaches to rain forests and cities.

Horizon is a music festival and also contains a lot of actualities such exciting racing cars. This time you will be president of the festival, and will determine everything that happens in it, such as signing up with the contestants and their separation, in addition to design Amadamirk own races within the city. Through individual phase will be able to do many things, but the main thing is to win several races, and this will lead to increasing the number of audiences (an alternative to points in the game) term. Each region you reside festival can accommodate a certain number of fans, and when they arrive to the hilt move to establish a new festival in a new area, and these are the main way to experience everything in the individual phase.

You certainly would go through the individual phase and progress the story, but that did not respond that there is nothing wrong, because there is a place to accommodate everyone. The nature of the design of the game environment makes them something exciting to explore, there are plenty of distractions over the road, and a lot of forest, and the roads which attracts you to it. As is the speed crazy exciting addiction, those crazy hops make the final result something imbued desires. If you want to roam freely in the region, it is possible, and you can take advantage of the new cooperative phase of the four players, and wander in this wonderful place while you and your friends chatting for hours continuously.

Nevertheless, it is looking for modernization and competition will find plenty to do in the Horizon. It opens the world, although it seems easy to onlookers, but it may be very difficult for the driver, he should know the quality of the roads and the highlands and down his car and how to deal with the turns. Also the diversity of vehicles will make a renewed experience of the game every time, there are known sedans, and there the SUV and pickup

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